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Looking to level up personally or professionally this year? Check out my affordable short courses below. More to be added very soon!


Do you have a topic you are passionate about that you want to share with others? Public speaking is a critical life skill for presenting at work, creating content and speaking at events.

Now is the time to work on your public speaking! This 60-minute course covers How to ace it in Public speaking and get your first Paid Gig.

Benefits of Taking This Course:

Learn about:

  • What the public speaking market looks like now

  • Different types of public speaking opportunities

  • How easy it is to make an income from public speaking

  • Top tips for preparing for a speaking gig

  • Mindset of an excellent public speaker

  • Tools and resources that will make your public speaking more impactful

Finally stop waiting and start sharing your thoughts through public speaking.

Total cost: £15.00 GBP 

COVID-19 has taught us a long known personal finance principle, the importance of diversifying your income. This outbreak has really hurt many of us financially, emotionally and mentally. Having only one stream of income is dangerous. Now is the time to put in work! This 60-minute course covers How to become a content creator to diversify your income.

Benefits of Taking This Course:

Learn about:

  • what having different income streams means

  • what the content creation market look likes now

  • how easy is to make an income from content creation

  • what mindset is required to become an excellent content creator

  • and the resources that will save you time and headache

Finally, stop making excuses and start creating content today!

Total cost: £15.00 GBP 

WhatsApp notifications, Unread emails, new Netflix shows, free online courses, Instagram lives the list goes on. Let’s face it, you are distracted. 


Lockdown has given us all ample more time in the day but it is easy just to fill it with more noise and less of what you want to be doing.


This 60-minute course covers How to 10x your Organisation, Motivation and Productivity. 

Benefits of Taking This Course:

Learn how to:

  • face up to your procrastination

  • become and stay motivated

  • become and stay organised

  • develop the mindset required to 10x your Organisation, Motivation and Productivity

  • utilise the best tools that will make you more productive

Finally stop being distracted and start understanding how best to improve your organisation, and tap into your Motivation and Productivity.

Total cost: £15.00 GBP 


'Thank you so much! I am feeling inspired

and motivated again.’

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