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Free resources!

Here are some free downloadable worksheets, tips and videos related to personal development and careers that I created.


Feb 2023_Defining and Combatting Imposter Syndrome.jpg

Webinar: Defining and combatting 

Imposter Syndrome

Webinar: How to make money from a blog


Webinar: Level Up: Promotions

and Sponsorship in the Workplace 


Webinar: Owning Your Achievements:

Celebrating Black Women

Across The Tech Industry

GA EVENT 2.png

Passcode: L#S@RbM8

Webinar: Women in Banking and Finance 

Future Leaders Panel - Insights from Young

Black Professionals


Webinar: Women innovators in a changing world Panel

Panel I spoke on alongside some amazing 

female entrepreneurs, an MP and an Amazon Director.


Webinar: Networking with millennials

30 mins webinar I delivered on the importance of virtual networking, covering quick hacks and tips to ensure you ace digital networking.


Advice: Imposter syndrome, mentors and more

Check out my advice in my Boldest feature for women in Consulting.

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