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I regularly host, organise and speak at events. You can see my upcoming events and events gallery below.

Book me for:

  • Panels 

  • Career workshops

  • Instagram Live discussions and Q&As

  • Personal development workshops

  • Personal Finance sessions 

  • Fintech/Consulting talks

  • Awards shows

  • Judge for awards or competitions 

  • Hosting events 

  • Clubhouse events and moderation

Media Kit

Upcoming Events






17/02/2023: WeAreVirtual: Defining and Combatting Imposter Syndrome | Mary Agbesanwa

This interactive and reflective workshop involves defining Imposter Syndrome, showcasing examples and case studies as well as conducting practical exercises to focus on combatting and tackling it. We will end the workshop with time for reflections and Q&A. See you there!


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Recent events gallery

Click on each image for more info.

NYT Network Vision Board & Sip Party 2022
NYT Network Post Pandemic Reunion and Celebration Event
Benefits of a Personal Brand your Career
Friendly dragon in pitch competition
Side Hustles & Self-care Instagram Live with Dr Yvette Ankrah
VSO Awards
Corporate volunteering Conference
How to ace it in Public Speaking & get y
Hosting a workshop
PwC Multicultural Business Network
Speaking to students
Goal-setting brunch
Black Women Leaders Virtual Conference - April 2020
Hosting a Panel
Insta Live - NYT x Genelle
Goal-setting Brunch 2
Being Black at work Discussion for Out the Box UK
Instagram Live for the Now You're Talking Network on How to build a professional brand
Co-hosted NYT 2020 Side Hustle Showcase
Let's Talk Side Hustle Event with NYT Network and Hatch Enterprise
Mary Agbesanwa, WeAreVirtual large event image.jpg

Event Testimonials 

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