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Hi, My name is Mary Agbesanwa. I am passionate about encouraging millennials to tap into their potential and the future of the financial services industry. I truly believe careers advice and relevant resources should be available to everyone regardless of background or school they attended.


I graduated with a First Class degree in BSc Economics from the University of Birmingham after receiving an unconditional offer. I currently work as a Management Consultant at PwC UK and also co-lead our Multicultural Business Network which celebrates the multiculturalism of our UK firm.


Outside of work, I blog about careers and personal development for millennials, on my blog A Millennial's Diary and run a female professional millennial community called the Now You’re Talking Network.


I have also recently been awarded #1 on EMpower's Future Leader List 2020 in collaboration with Yahoo Finance, McKinsey Inspire Next Generation Women Leader 2020, Professional Services Rising Star Award 2019; Brummell 30 Ones to Watch 2019 and #15 HERoes Future Leaders 2019 List.


Welcome to my personal website!

My Passions


 De-mystifying the corporate world and writing about the world of work for young professionals and students

Continuous learning

Personal development and competing against myself


Building communities and collaborating


A Millennial's Diary

Ever since joining the working world I have been blogging about my experience and sharing tips about careers and personal development, on my Medium Blog, A Millennial's Diary. It now garners about 5,000 views a month.

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My Projects


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